Hiking Cape Enniberg in the Faroe islands

This year I decided to celebrate my birthday in the Faroe islands, and to be more specific – on climbing Cape Enniberg. Yes, although I already visited the Faroes, I wanted to see them one more time (if you don't know where are the islands – check out this post). I ordered flight tickets and created a map with a few places I didn't see last time and are now goals. I had hiking trails, waterfalls, churches and more.

The day itself was a Sunday and I felt like going to church to hear a service with the organ and all. With the help of a local friend I checked when is the service in the nearest church to where I stayed. When she got back to me she mentioned that church also has the most modern organ in the islands!

All the above information was tempting, the problem was that the service was due to 11AM which kind of… you know. So I gave it up. The weather forecast was good so I planned on hiking one of the highest mountains in the Faroe islands, which is next to the northernmost village, Vidareidi.

Modern church

Last year I reached the village and its beautiful church but I didn't hike the mountain. This time I did my homework! The trail head is from the upper part of the village and even from that point, there's already a nice lookout on the church which is located right on the sea. The trail itself is not an easy one, hiking up ~750 meters! (2100 feet). The advantage of this hike over others in the islands is that it's marked, that's rare. How is it marked? Wait and see…

Every time I visit the Faroes, the amount of tourists makes me laugh. I reached the "parking lot" of the trail and there's room for like 4 cars. Maybe! The skies were a bit cloudy and the temperature – perfect for intensive walking, around 10 degrees, yeah I realize this is not perfect fpr everyone 🙂 .

Cape Enniberg – here we go!

Once you leave the parking lot, you start walking along a stone wall until you start seeing blue tubes sticking out of the ground. I found it as a great way to mark the trail. At some points you can see 4-5 tubes ahead, while in other times you see only one, depending on the angle and so on.

The walk was steep so every now and then I stopped to get some air. When I turned around I saw Vidareidi with the cone-shaped mountain behind it, the ocean and more islands everywhere! It doesn't matter how many pictures I took, it's hard to pass that experience.

As I mentioned earlier, the walk is steep so the quads (muscles) are working hard. The first part of the trail is on grass which later turned to be a bit slippery mud and then gravel. The combination of the elevation degree and the different "slipping levels" made me think what would the decline look like and how will my knees react…

Suddenly, a young American guy walks by me. Turns out he was at the same spot 2 days earlier but due to heavy fog he gave up and now he's back again. He said "see you soon" and I never saw him again. Almost. Speaking of fog, how many words do you think it has in the Faroese language? Here are 40 different ways to say fog. Enjoy!


Where did the blue tubes disappear??

When I reached the top the blue tubes were no longer there. However, obviously, I still needed to go somewhere. In the "instructions" I had (=information I gathered from different blogs) it said to ignore the cairns to the right as they are too close to the cliff edge. So I tried the 2nd option which was stepping on large rocks when in every step there's a chance to sprain your ankle.

I walked carefully until I reached the highest point where I still saw some snow leftovers and more rocky formations. I sat down and just absorbed the scenery as much as I could. It was cold and looked like rain or snow could start any minute so I didn't spend there too much time. That was the time when I saw the American dude once again.

יום הולדת באיי פארו

Going down, and despite the fact I already took dozens of pictures, I just couldn't stop clicking the buttons. On my camera, on my cell – wherever! Surprisingly, going down wasn't as difficult as I expected, but that doesn't mean I didn't slip 🙂 . All in all this hike took something like 5 hours.

More people 🙂

איי פארו קייפ אניברג קייפ אניברג איי פארו איי פארו קייפ אניברג


New equipment!

This trip was the first time I used a gorilla-pod so I took quite a few self pictures 🙂 . Well, it's my birthday! BTW – do you recognize the black shirt? It has the blog's logo on it.

I then drove to see the church up-close.

Another hike? Why not 🙂

The American dude was hitchhiking so when I got down he was trying to catch a ride. I didn't have plans for the rest of the day and he suggested we do a short hike. There was one trail I knew about which was not too far so we went there. It was pretty awesome in terms of "revenue vs difficulty"! The name is Klakkur and its really close to Klaksvik, the 2nd city in the Faroe islands.

It was about 6 km (maybe even less). After a descent climb we saw all Klaksvik underneath us. Right in front of us was Kunoy which has this lovely unique shape and you can also see Kalsoy easily.

I took a panoramic picture and usually when I take it, I'm alone. This time he was there and you know, it can "ruin" the picture. So without even asking, he understood what he needs to do and stood behind me as I was 360-ing 😉 .

American dude


What's there to eat?

It's 6PM, I dropped the American, the sun is shining but I'm s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g! I didn't have a proper meal all day… I mostly had some beef jerky which by the way is something I need to add to my lists. In my previous road trips I always had baby carrots but now I can beef jerky as well 🙂 .

I looked for something to eat and this time Google didn't help me. It recommended one place but when I go there it was closed, even though Google said it was open… Luckily it was right by a gas station so I asked someone where should I go. Apparently they had some holiday so many places were closed. Eventually I had a takeaway pizza not too far from the "center" and while I ate I checked if there's anything else I could do today.

Not too far from where I was spending the night was this small lake, Toftavatn. It was less impressive after the things I already saw today. On the way back I drove on some gravel road when several sheep started running towards the car. It was a little dangerous since I don't want to hurt a sheep now… I stopped the car and it was the only time I used the car horn! 

To summarize – I was really happy from that day! 🎂😍

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