I left Jackson Hole and headed to Grand Teton NP. I was in a very good mood and felt like writing this status on Facebook: "Having pancake for breakfast, driving in the wild in a Dodge SUV and listening to country music – could it get more American ?!" but I couldn't since the minute you leave the hostel, there's no WIFI You already heard about the view and the Dodge in the previous post. Here is the giant pancake and a playlist I created with modern county music 🙂 .


When you're out there, in the "country", this is really fun ! And the thing is, if you get tired of some of the songs, you can switch to a different station on the satellite radio, another cool feature of this car (more of them to come in the next posts 🙂 ).

On the way I stopped in a supermarket to buy some groceries for the coming days. Bought some bread,fruits, vegetables, ham & mustard. At all times I had a bag of carrots in front of me. At the entrance to the park I bought a weekly ticket for both national parks. Like in every American national park the road is full with viewpoints where you can pullover and enjoy the views.There are also some short walks you can take and there was even one "scenic drive" !

I decided to take a hike in the area of Jenny lake and the name of the specific trail was "Hidden falls". At some pint I though they were so well hidden cause I couldn't find them … I was walking for nearly 2 hours and I didn't even hear any water.  As I was walking I found a deer friend. hard to tell who of us was more surprised.

The scenery of some places I visited in the past. It was a little bit like Lake Tahoe in California and the lake district in Argentina/Chile, which is great since this is exactly the kind of nature I like !

Scenic drive

Like a deer in the spotlight

After seeing the waterfalls I had 2 or 3 options to continue: going back the same way I came, continue and make a round trip of the lake, but I didn't know how much time it would take and the last option was to sit and wait on a dock hoping for a boat to come 🙂 . I didn't even know if it would come but I just wanted to take the time and enjoy the moment. 

While I was resting there, I got some lovely visitors (or wait a minute, I'm the visitor right ?) Any way I watched them come and go until I heard the faint sound of a … motor ! Yey !! The boat is coming 🙂 .

Getting the first glimpse of Yellowstone !

Jenny lake Hidden falls DSC00053 Grand Teton

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