In this post I'll write a little about the most interesting/fun animal encounters I was part of. Turns out I already have quite a few meetings with black bears…

Black bear – Waterton, Canada

As I was hiking somewhere in the park to see a waterfall on my last day, suddenly, a short distance from me I see a black bear on the main trail ! Not in the trees or something, on the main trail. We stared at each other. I froze for a second, but was quick enough to… start taking photos! Want to read more?


Black bear – Smokies, Tennessee

I visited the Smoky mountains with 2 friends. We woke up early in order to try and see some bears. One of them was really into it and the other wasn’t really… We entered the park and my job was to try and spot them bears. A few minutes passed and then I noticed something strange in the woods! We parked the car and got out and there he was, not a full grown male, a rather young cub. My friend got a few good photos with his good camera and then the bear started to climb a tree… Which is, for itself, quite amazing! You wouldn’t expect such a big animal to be so agile.


Black bear – Yellowstone, Wyoming

The recommendation for viewing wildlife is to wake up early. I woke up early and stood in the area where grizzlies rule the land but unfortunately didn’t see them. A bit later I saw a group of cars that stopped so I did too. First of all I saw many photographers setting their tripods and all, and then I saw the cute bear. But further down the road there was another one, much closer to the road! Want to read more?


Hipo – Kruger, South Africa

As I mentioned before, Kruger is a huge national park in South Africa. I was very excited when we entered it. We took the road towards our night camp and then we noticed some cars on the side of the road. I don't know why, but what came to me instinctively was to get out of the car… When you think of it, this is not a smart thing to do in a park where animals go freely. There are lions, cheetas, elephants, zebras, deer, giraffes, wielder-beasts, rhinos and hipos! There was a hipo in the woods but it turns out that this ‘cute’ looking animal is in the top charts of deadliest African wildlife. My friend shouted at me so I got right back in the car 🙂

Marmots – Grand Teton, Wyoming

I left for a short hike to see “Jenny lake” in Grand Teton park. Somewhere in the woods a deer jumped in front of me, but we’re not here to ‘talk’ about him 🙂 . After passing the “Hidden falls” I saw the sign for the “boat deck”. The problem was that it was the beginning of the season so I didn’t even know if the boat service is already active. Anyway, I decided to take a rest, lie there on the bench and enjoy the warm sun. Suddenly one marmot comes to the area and I’m taking photos… then another one comes and another, there was a family! Very cute creatures 🙂


Almost made it…

  • Moose – Waterton, Canada
    It was early morning and I took a short hike to some lake and several steps later I identified some shape in the woods… it was a big moose! That’s one big animal ! even though it’s not a carnivore you don’t want to mess with it… It immediately reminded me of the one I saw a year before, which now I understood was very young.DSC03014DSC00538
  • Galapagos sea lion
    During my visit to the Galapagos islands, I went for a short swim and suddenly the cute sea lion "joined me". It was so great !!
  • Blue footed boobie
    These funny looking birds can be found in (some of the) Galapagos islands. The color of their feet almost seems unreal !
  • Whale shark – missed
    Off the coast of Mozambique, I went for a "whale shark safari". Unfortunately, that day, the sharks didn't really come close enough 🙁 . All I saw was a baby whale shark for… a millisecond
  • Puma – Bolivia
    In Bolivia there's a sanctuary for wild animals where people can volunteer for a period of time to help take care of them. I stopped there on my way, didn't have the time to stay there for a while but wanted to see the place. Someone came to show me around and 2 minutes later I found myself standing in the "middle of the jungle" with a rope tied to a PUMA cub!! and this guy just went… So this puma is cute and all, like a big cat, but it is a wild animal! After an hour or so someone came to let me go 🙂
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